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I am glad he is getting another shot. His dad has been remembered over the years because of a kick that won a big game. Now Leigh has a chance to be remembered for something other than the game he lost by missing.


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That whole debacle irritated me last year. Just another reason I will never understand some of Shula's reasoning. I understand that Christensen was "hurt" last season, but he still remained the kicker for kick-offs. ;scr

They stated it was different form coming off the tee as opposed to kicking off the ground. That maybe the case, but if I remember correct Christensen tore his taint (pulled groin)....kicking from the ground verses the tee is going to hurt either way.

Said all that to say this. Tiffin lost a year of eligibility to kick about 10 times. That is piss-poor IMO. I had hoped when we landed him that he would have red-shirted anyway. That would have meant he could be a frosh this year and we would have had another Philip Doyle, Michael Proctor type situation where the kicking spot is the least of our worries for the next 3 years. What do I know I'm just a freakin' arm-chair QB. (and not very good at that)
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