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I heard some grumbling about Leigh after his missed against Kentucky. And a lady called into the morning show on Jox and stated Leigh is not Van's kid because he missed kicks. What the...

Van missed FG's, but he never missed an XP.

He's much better than Christensen was though. Yikes.
That's F'in wrong of her to say that. Someone needs to...

I love Tiffin but dang. After that Arkansas debacle I couldn't watch Tiffin and didn't start watching him until this year....seriously! All those UT kicks last year - didn't see a one or any others for that matter. It didn't matter if I was at the stadium or watching on TV - didn't watch.

So I decided to start over this year and commit to watching him actually kick the ball. All was good until last week, so now I guess it's back to not watching. All these things I can and can't do while watching Alabama football...I can't keep 'em all straight. :wink:
Leigh is an OK-ish kicker (more ISH than OK) but he's no Michael Proctor, who was the last really good kicker that we had.

That leads me to a good thought to ponder....how come the state of Alabama has a lack of kicking talent...hmmmm....
I wished we could borrow that punter from UK. That kid makes it go BOOOOM with punts and kickoffs. Completely shut down our returns/Arenas.

I've also wondered why Alabama or Auburn never really has a real solid sure-fire kicker either. Then again, kickers are their own special breed of person. They may be few and far between from the average kicker to the solid booter. I don't follow kickers on recruiting or thru HS so I have no idea what kinds are out there in numbers.
Very few kickers ever get schollies right off the bat. Most are invited walk-ons who can earn scholarships. I was happy to see Bama offer one to Corey Smith...till I saw him kick a couple of times.

He needs work way worse than Tiffin.
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