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A lot of you said I wouldn't be here if we lost. Well, here I am. It was a great game and an unbelievable atmosphere in Tiger Stadium. I know our recruits in the crowd all had a great time.

It was good to see our defense finally step up and play better. They are not great yet, but this game was miles ahead of the UGA and Florida game on defense. For one, I don't think Alabama's offense is nearly as good. Even with that, our defense held Bama to 21 points in regulation.

Jarrett Lee is not a competent SEC QB. He has 0 toughness and is scared to take a hit. His int's are of course bad, but on a 3rd and 2 when he has the chance to scramble for a first down and then makes a move and throws it away. He doesnt have the moxy. I can't wait for 5 star recruit Russel Shephard to come in and steal the starting job.

This game did not signify anything about a changing of the guard in the SEC west. Both LSU and Bama will be there for a good while. Neither coach outcoached each other in this game. Both made mistakes. Next year, Bama will be in the same position LSU is this year after losing a senior QB.

I heard Danielson say it when I was re-watching the game that this rivalry has a chance to be like Woody and Bo and the Ohio St - Michigan 10 year war. I completely agree. In 2 years already, we have seen two fantastic games. LSU is bringing in a top 3 recruiting class next year. Both teams are going to continue to bring in great athletes and compete for the SEC west every year.

After watching both teams play, I think Florida will crush Alabama. Alabama just doesn't have the firepower on offense to keep up. It is basically a play in game for the National Championship, and I see Florida taking it.
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