| FTBL The Ringer has a good article on CNS. "Nick Saban Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon"


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Saban’s reign of dominance at Alabama is impervious to the pitfalls that have traditionally brought down hugely successful college football coaches

The camera is affixed to the dashboard, Carpool Karaoke–style. Spears played for Saban nearly 20 years ago. They won a national championship together at LSU in 2003, before Saban embarked on his ill-fated NFL odyssey with the Miami Dolphins. Spears is approaching 40, his NFL career long behind him, now an established analyst at ESPN. He understands the toll that athletics can take on those who make a living from it. The competitive pressure is relentless. It extracts a price from everyone. And so, in the interview, Spears asks, “Everybody looks at you as the standard in the game. What keeps you motivated, though? Because, like,”—and here, Spears’s tone climbs with each word—“you don’t ever get tired?”

As the greatest college football coach of our time, maybe of all time, hears the question, he looks out the passenger window, eyebrows elevating, fighting off an eye roll. Saban turns back toward Spears and almost bites off the words.

“Tired of what? Winning?”

Saban grins. Spears tries to back off.

“No, not tired of winning …’”

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