| FTBL "The playoffs bring more teams into the nation picture" once again proven to be a lie.


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How many teams have actually won a game in the playoff system? Six. We're eight years in and six teams can claim "we won a playoff game."

In the first nine years of the BCS we had nine different national champions. This year would have been Bama vs Michigan which no one would have had an issue with because the regular season would matter: UGA lost the SECCG to a better team.

Even if they lost do you believe Michigan would be more proud of a championship game appearance than a loss in the semi-finals? Oh, it's the title game, for sure.

I find it funny we see people trying to model college football after the NFL who recently expanded their playoffs. What happened there? Just more blowouts.
Bud Elliot said yesterday he wants an expanded playoff for selfish reasons having nothing to do with the best teams. High time a lot admit to such.
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