| FTBL The Official Offseason Change/Don't Change Helmet Thread

What would you like to see on the helmets?

  • Script "A"

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  • Bama on the side in some cool font.

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  • The scipt "A" inside the Crimson Tide Circle Logo.

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  • I don't care, just win baby!

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  • Go back to the old leather helmet days, only sissies where those helmets they have now a days.

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  • Leave them alone and Bo is a moron for even asking.

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It's that time of year folks. Every offseason, every message board sooner or later brings up whether or not Alabama should change the helmets and/or uniforms. Well, this one is for the helmets. If you wanna talk jersies or pants, make your own thread. :wink:

So here's the deal, vote in the poll, then make a statement in the thread to support your vote.

I know, the majority of the answers will be "They are already perfect" or "Don't mess with tradition" Blah, Blah, Blah. Well, folks that have a tradition of losing want to change that, so what's the problem with making a minor change of some sort to the helmet?

My favorite choice would be to just remove the numbers. I think a plain Crimson helmet with a white strip down the center would be awesome.

Or I wouldn't mind seeing the scrpit "A" on the side.

Or seeing "Bama" on the sides in sometype of smooth flowing connecting font.

What say you?
go back to the black helmets :D

seriously I have always been an advocate of the script "A"

The same people that want the names off the jersey because they are to signify a team, but want the numbers to stay, when they show the individual player. I say use the script "A".

I also want to stir up using grey or crimson pants on away games :D
Okay, who voted for "Don't care, just win baby"?

BarnerSon25 really likes my idea, he just voted for the last one so he could call me a moron. :D :wink:
Put this on the sides of the helmet:

If we went back to leather Brodie would have died. Not trying to be an a$$ or anything, but he was a little fragile. I wish Brodie the best in his life, maybe the NFL will treat him kind.
If they ever changed the helmet or ANY part of our jersey.... then I'd.... then I'd.... then I'd pull for UT or AU!! You don't wanna lose me do ya? :roll:

Seriously, our jerseys are the prettiest in America and if some clown in charge ever messed with them I'd think you'd have to pry my hands from his cold, dead throat. :lol:
The helmets are a trademark. We already have a different mascot and battle cry. Why join the ranks of everyone else with the Helmets?
We need to sue Georgia state, they have the same number font as us, the white stripe. They have a blue helmet. They look like the blue version of Bama.
i had to select my second choice, no changes, since my first choice wan't offered. my first choice is the occasional use of the white helmets used under Bryant and Perkins.
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