| FTBL The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs. Stark Vegas

Great: Reicherd! No significant injuries (well... 🫤😥)

Good: Milroe from the second quarter on, the McClellan/Williams combo, TE play from both Niblack and Dippre

Bad: Inconsistent OL play, too many flags

Ugly: No replay on Niblack's TD 🤬
Good: 31 first half points. I know some were gifted, but small steps... 31 points in the 1st half against an SEC opponent on the road after what we’ve seen so far this season in 1st halves? I’ll take it and be thankful. Also, Caleb Downs. He’s having to learn on the job this year, but he’s starting to play faster and more confident. And, Reichard of course. What a weapon.

Bad: Broken record here, but DL play is 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Zero consistency with that group. They hold back and stress the entire defense in the way the QB play holds back and stresses the rest of the offense.

Ugly: The 3rd and, early 2nd quarter, Bama knocking on the door of the red zone… and they line up in shotgun again? Of course they get stuffed. This offense has enough limitations, they don’t need Rees to keep stepping running it off the tracks in high percentage situations too. At least later in a similar situation they went QB sneak. Did they learn from it? We’ll find out next week. Also ugly, Milore not throwing the ball away when needed. He takes way too many unnecessary sacks. Lastly, the stupid ass replay official that was asleep in the booth on what looked like a TD catch in the 4th by Bama. The offense usually gets TD’s taken off the board because of penalties, that time it was because an official(s) missed it on the field AND in the booth. That shit is aggravating.
Good- CNS lighting a fire on players and coaches. I think this may have been the OL's best game against a depleted front but they also picked up a lot of blitzes.

Bad- CNS having to light a fire. Why does Milroe refuse to throw the ball away or dump down to the RB? He had numerous opportunities but only did it once?

Ugly- My view - worse game this year for the D. I know I am saying this after the Texas game but this game they gave up chunk running plays. State had 150+ rushing yards. Maybe Lawson being out made that much of a difference but I was not expecting to see that happen on this D. I am used to the offense struggling and at this point it is what it is. Just did not expect the lapses on rush D, I know they only scored 17 points but they scored 17 points.
Good- What alabama mike said! A win on the road!

Bad- First part of the first quarter!

Ugly- While can't watch a whole game on TV without missing some plays!! Watch those two talk could be done as we watch the game. Or like missing a play watching the Miss. St. sideline.
Good - win on the road, run game looked good, and we got a pick 6. Milroe played good.

Bad - Alabama has no clue what a QB draw is and the center still can't snap the ball.

Ugly - Tommy Rees and the officials
GOOD ——they covered the over and I won some money. We have a great kicker. No injuries and defensive play.

BAD —— we have no stud wideout. It appears that the passing game is as finicky as a cat.

UGLY —— inconsistent offensive line (but I feel like they are slowly slowly slowly getting better).
Bad: Broken record here, but DL play is 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Zero consistency with that group. They hold back and stress the entire defense in the way the QB play holds back and stresses the rest of the offense.
This record needs to be replayed, louder.

Just like last year, and the year before, the DL is still hitting the wrong gaps which does nothing more than screw up the linebackers.

But it's Golding. Bullshit. The defense needs a can of Raid™ ...
Good. Finally got under center on a short ...3 rd n 1... why o why. In the shotgun before...
Nick....he was stimulated...awesome
Punting n place kicking ....may be the difference in a game this year
Getting a couple of TOs
Sec win...actually looked good..most of time

Lsu vs ole ms game....that was exciting..
Golding finding out what life is like without great D players....
And ole ms finding out what pg is like

Bad. Cowbells ....its awful
9....edt start....terrible......
4 minute commercials...over n over

Ugly...our D line getting gashed..
Missed tackles...cowbells...4 minute commercials

The start...the snap...the communication between qb n center...wtf
Good - No injuries. Milroe is improving. That ground & pound drive near the end of the 2nd quarter was FANTASTIC! I hadn't seen that in a while. I'm loving those 3 TE formations more & more! CNS chewing ASS. I hadn't seen that in while too! He clearly chewed on everybody, including staff.

Bad- Choppy assignment football by the defense. We can tell that Lawson isn't on the field. But LB's weren't utterly lost & they made some pretty good plays. WR routes only help Milroe when it is a long pass. There needs to be more midfield, easier routes.

Ugly - ===>The LSU/Ole Miss game<=== doing everything it can to take FOREVER. Penalties (almost after every play in the 4th quarter. I'm not exaggerating), injuries, TD's.... It was really bad football.... Skitso Offensive Line, the first quarter was attrocious. And I don't think we'll see another shotgun play after 3rd & 1. CNS was absolutely livid after that (rightfully so) & the next QB sneak for the next 3rd & 1 was clear sign Rees got the message. Lets hope he doesn't have amnesia after last night.
Deflect, deflect, deflect. Comes down to coaching at some point. You got guys in wrong gaps, you fix it or find someone else that hits the right ones. It's your job, not a hobby as Kisner likes to say.
You're dense at times, Casey. I'm saying "it's coaching." It's also recruiting along the line.

If you buy a can of Raid, what are you trying to get rid of?
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