| FTBL The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs. Southern Mississippi

Good - Tua continues to be amazing. O-line looked better and running game was better, but they were going against one of the worst run defenses and pass rushes in the country.

Bad - Tackling continues to be a problem and the secondary is an issue. Shy Carter has been one of the most disappointing players on the team this year for me. When you get past Diggs and Surtain everyone else is inconsistent at best, including McKinney.

Ugly - Injuries keep mounting up. DJ Dale and the damn kicker now, too. This defensive line is the walking wounded right now.
Good-#13 and the passing game other than the last 4 minutes of the 1st half..#27 ran the ball pretty good
Bad-Injury to #94.....defensive front unable to just dominate USM..
Ugly....pick thrown by Mack Jones...kickoff receiving team on those short kicks..it looked like it was the 1st time we've seen those

Make note that #1 Ben Davis actually got some playing time
Good: The passing game is elite. Probably the best I have ever seen certainly at Alabama. Running game seemed to improve but it was Southern Miss so who knows. Still see some plays where linemen and/or TE's are getting blown up.

Bad: Defense inexperience is making for some pretty ugly plays at times. The DC has to keep it simple which impacts the pass rush. Gaps are not being controlled consistently by the front seven. The safeties are not getting it done. They are certainly not playing up to the standard. Hoping it is due to inexperience and they will improve. On a positive note, #58 when he comes in he shows up with an attitude and lots of effort no matter what the score or time in the game. Seems to want more playing time. I liked seeing that.

Ugly: injuries mainly on D but kicker also, hope they are not serious.
-Tua and the receivers. Obviously.... Just a thing of beauty.
-OL giving Tua time on time on time to look down the field. I know it's not great competition, but the improvement was evident!
-Jordan Battle... Just stuck out as a guy that can play fast, and play versatile. He's going to be a good one!
-Backup's that can play - Allen, Eboigbe, and Barrimore. With the front 7 so banged up it's great to see some other dudes coming up. Barrimore just looks and acts like a bad dude... I really, really, really hope we use him and either Wynn or Young as the season continues... We need a legit rotation for the Final 4.

-I just see Mayden as an obvious weakness. He's either injured or has some type of running deficiency. It's like he's taking baby steps in the open field... He isn't afraid to mix it up and hit, but his speed is lacking. I still feel the same about Shy Carter also... Which may be why J. Battle is playing so much more

-Late confusion on too many plays... LB's and DB's looking around at the sideline too late in the play clock. The type of thing that hurts against the better offenses. The young dudes are learning though...

-Injuries. Just hate to hear the kicker is out... Had such high hopes for him. FML
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