| FTBL Texas A&M will win SEC West in 2022, former Aggie says

At least one departing Texas A&M player believes the SEC West will have a new champion in 2022.

“They gonna win it this year,” defensive lineman Jayden Peevy said of his former team last week at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. “I’m very excited for this season coming up. We’ll be watching every game and rooting for my guys.”

Alabama and Texas A&M will meet this season on Oct. 8 in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Before committing to the NFL draft, former Aggies safety Leon O’Neal pondered the idea of returning for a fifth season for the chance to topple the Tide and make a run at a national championship.

“I’m super excited,” O’Neal said at the combine of the upcoming season. “I almost wanted to come back another year, just go check it out. You know what I mean? Just go get it done. I want to win a natty.”

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