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My favorite part of the story:

You can't fault Tigers fans for any of this. It's a natural reaction. Thanks to Saban, they finally got to enjoy the type of national prestige they'd been craving for so long. Now, by taking over their longtime tormenter and sleeping giant sitting in their own division, he's suddenly become a threat to their newfound happiness. Such insecurity is understandable. As I wrote last year, every program in the country has a historical, equilibrium point; LSU has been playing well above its equilibrium for several years now, while Alabama has been playing well below theirs. History tells us they're both likely to return to their more natural states at some point, and Saban could be the factor that causes that.
I like this part myself.
Bear Bryant went 20-5-1 against the Tigers over his career. Those kinds of wounds don't heal overnight. And that's partly what makes this weekend's game so compelling.

For LSU fans, Alabama is arguably their biggest rival, and Saban's hiring only fueled their resentment that much more. But the Tigers and Tide aren't actual "rivals," the way Ohio State and Michigan or USC and Notre Dame are rivals. Those rivalries are rooted as much in mutual respect as they are actual hatred.

To Alabama, LSU is no more a rival than the Cleveland Indians are to the New York Yankees. The hatred rests entirely on one side of the field, and it's almost entirely a byproduct of the other side's historical dominance.
While most Bama fans already understand LSU fans' real reason for hating Nick Saban. It was clearly stated here and comes objectively from someone outside the BamaNation.

Thanks for the link, Terry. I'm sure the LSU fans who did not heed your warning probably could not even bring themselves to finish the article.
While Saban's Tide have played at as high a level imaginable for them this season, Les Miles' Tigers are still several rungs higher on the talent ladder.

I know it has been asked by visiting LSU fans, if LSU beats Bama, why wouldn't it be because Bama get's out coaches. There it is in black and white. 90% of the time superior talent beats superior coaching.

I'm just hoping for that 10% :D
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