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Do we want to continue the pick'em to the end of bowl season?

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I have honestly been too bummed to do this weekends Pick'em results, maybe by tommorow night people, sorry :idea:

Next order is, does everyone want to do a SECCG pick'em and then an all around Bowl Pic'em. I personally feel this would be fun and gives a few different people a chance to rack up some points and make this thing interesting, lemme know some thoughts people, I'd like to have an idea by this Fri if possible!


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taking it all the way would be great, maybe one next week, one for the Championship games and the Army/Navy game, and maybe one for each week of the bowl season. thanks. i don't think you have to worry about not adding up this past week's points. nobody is in a real rush to see 'em anyway, only reminds us of the loss to a greater degree.
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