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Did nto know they were starting a football program, Coach Steel and an Auburn coach have interviewed. Would hate to lose Coach Steel, I would think a risky move starting a program from scratch, but if he get's it best of luck and would Coach Saban promote someone to DC?
I heard about this several weeks ago. The article I read talked about how they had been playing “Club League” football (I’m not sure what that is) for several years. I just assumed they would give the HC of their “Club League” team the job, but I guess that was a bad assumption. Anyway, I’m not sure why any coach would want a job like this. Should be a real mess for the first several seasons.
i don't know, starting a program from scratch would seem easier in todays "gimme a championship now" world of college football.

no egomaniacle booster telling you how good the good-ole days were.

no mono-syllabic vocabulary spouting fan telling you the same thing.

no glazed-eye message board posters.... questioning ....everything....uh, nevermind :D
Finebaum reported earlier that Steele is not interested in the SA job. Sources close to Steele said he has not interviewed for the job. Finebaum said the story posted earlier was completely wrong :roll:
Who ever it is needs to be a student of the South Florida and the Connecticut programs. These two really have done it right, although these schools both have a sudent/alumni base that is much bigger. (USF has over 40K students)

I could see Jeff Bower all over it, if he does not feel that he has to get a better job for ego sakes. Frankly, I think the man has proven himself already. But he is already plugged into the Gulf coast High Schools and has do a really nice job with "left-over" recruits for a long time.
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