| GOLF Somewhat like the NBA, NFL, and the MLB, I'm souring on another professional sport.


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One of the best naps? Sunday afternoon, great lunch, PGA Tour in the background.

I watched disc golf Sunday. The competition factor on the Tour; diminished right?

Here's something I find fascinating about this whole thing. Sunday afternoon TV? I'm not on the sports mentioned, I've been a PGA guy. Is their (LIV) impact on viewers? I fell in the rabbit hole.

Their first event, didn't quite hit 50K viewers on YouTube: London. The next two, also London, had 600K then right at 800K. They hit Portland three times and by the time they're in New Jersey viewers at just over 400K.

Not a lot of traffic.

So why is Sunday "weak sauce" now? The Tour misses Bubba, just to name one.

On the other hand I'm seeing more shots per broadcast: from people I don't know. Ying/Yang, maybe?

/idle rambling
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