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Western Carolina - W - (45-3)
Vanderbilt - W - (32-14)
Arkansas - W - (21-17)
Georgia - L - (24-17)
Florida State - W - (28- 24)
Houston - W - (32-3)
Ole Miss - W - (28-7)
Tennessee - L - (20-10)
LSU - W - (24-14)
Mississippi State - W - (42-10)
Louisiana-Monroe - W - (52-10)
Auburn - W - (27-10)

Final Record


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I really hope both of you are right. If I was betting the house I would say:

Western Carolina - W - (45-3)
Vanderbilt - W - (27-24)
Arkansas - L - (21-17)
Georgia - L - (24-14)
Florida State - L - (28- 21) * could go either way
Houston - W - (35-14)
Ole Miss - W - (24-21)
Tennessee - L - (24-17)
LSU - L - (35-21)
Mississippi State - W - (35-24)
Louisiana-Monroe - W - (52-10)
Auburn - W - (27-24) * could go either way

In the end I expect Bama to be 8-4 at best and 6-6 at worst most likely finishing the season 7-5. If you listen to Saban he is trying to tell the fans not to expect immediate success and to understand we are in a "process" of becoming a champion. I hope Bama wins them all but like I said if I was betting the house I would say 7-5.


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BigAl said:
I firmly believe we can win 9 or 10 games. Corso and granny Holtz said yesterday on ESPN that we would win 9 or 10 games.

Exactly Corso and Holtz are setting up Saban to get bashed if he does not win that many games. The fact is we are a couple years away.


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anyone who thinks we'll win 10+ games is crazy.

7-5 and with a bowl victory, 8-5.

as one of you said earlier, there is a reason why Saban's been preaching ever since he's been hired about the "process."


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one more thing ...

i really think we could easily lose to Ark and Vandy. i mean, i'll take a one point victory over those teams in Saban's first season with the holes we have in our defense.


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6 wins= disappointed
7 wins= seems about right
8 wins= joyful
9 wins= me on top of the world!
10 wins= can you believe this?
11+ wins= Saban somehow is linked to the almighty himself 8)


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Vandy is gonna beat somebody big this year. i just feel it. i was impressed with their team last year, and i think they'll be better this year.

in fact, there really isn't a weak team in the SEC East this year.


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Well anything can happen, but IMO Bama is a lot more talented. If the offense plays well there's no way Vandy's D can slow them down. And, we don't have Shula anymore. Last year Bama played to their level of competition. They played awful against weaker teams like Ole Miss, M. State, and Vandy, but they played good teams like Tennesee, Auburn, and Florida, down to the wire. This team is gonna be a lot more consistent. Bama's gonna hand out some butt whuppins.


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absolutely right, bama was a decent coach away from winning 3 to 4 more games last year. with the off-season program and another year to gel for the o-line, i say 9 or 10 wins is very possible. "gun to my head" guess, i'd say 9 wins.


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If there is one game ( a game by a competitive opponent) that I believe we will win - it is Tennessee. We would have taken that game in many situations last year with a decent coach and no Darby up the middle crap. I am unsure about several games like FSU, AUB, GA, and LSU, but I am sure on the TN win.


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Last year Bama was a 9-4 team which was coached down to a 6-7 record. I fully expect this years team to be coached back up to at least a 9-4 record.


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8-4, with another painful loss to Barn

Western Carolina - W - (38-13)
Vanderbilt - W - (20-10)
Arkansas - W - (24-23)
Georgia - L - (28-24)
Florida State - L - (31-24)
Houston - W - (31-17)
Ole Miss - W - (24-17)
Tennessee - W - (17-15)
LSU - L - (20-12)
Mississippi State - W - (34-21)
Louisiana-Monroe - W - (45-14)
Auburn - L - (24-20)


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I agree... Bama was 1 quarter away from being a top 5 team. Keep in mind both Arkansas and Florida ( the NATIONAL CHAMPS) we played down to the wire, and with decent coaching we'd have most definatly beaten. After the Arkansas game last year, our team lost confidence is itself. I think the defense is goign to look better than what most of you think. I'm not sayign we are gonna go 11-0 but see us more like a 8-3 9-2 season.
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