| FTBL 'SEC Shorts' crew shows how poorly Matthew McConaughey reacted to LSU beating Texas in Austin

The expression on his face when LSU scored the last TD was priceless.

Yea , it looked like he was fixing to drop the f-bomb but the camera cut off him .

Wonder how stupid he felt pulling out the parking lot with the longhorn LTD ,listening to slow ride ......

Never has truer words been sung than that night ................

Well except for the whole “ if Colt had never gotten hurt thing , that will fester with them till they win it all again .. And maybe even beyond that .
How often do you see Bama fans look back at 1966? We'll hear about it until we draw our last breath.

Well the whole ‘66 thing was purely political , in the since that they would rather give the championship to a team with a loss and integrated than to reward an all white undefeated team the national championship ...

In the case of Texas and Colt , you haft to be a grown man to play a top tier SEC team and the big 12 fans can’t handle that fact ..
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