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At least the important ones

Florida: Urban Meyer
Overall 70-15 (82.35%)
5-0 in bowl Games
1 National Championship (2006)
2 MWC Championships (2003, 2004)
1 SEC Championship (2006

Georgia: March Richt:
Overall 71-19
Bowls 4-2
2 SEC Championships (2002, 2005)

South Carolina: Steve Spurrier
Overall 163–56–2
Bowls 7–7
1996 National Championship
1989 ACC Championship
1991, 1993-1996, 2000 SEC Championships
1966 Heisman Trophy
1988, 1989 ACC Coach of the Year
1990, 1991, 1994-1996, 2005 SEC Coach of the Year

Tennessee: Phillip Fulmer
Overall 143-44
1997-98 Southeastern Conference
1998 National Championship
1998 Eddie Robinson Award
1998 The Home Depot Coach of the Year Award

Alabama: Nick Saban
Overall 98–48–1
Bowls 3–5
Coaching stats
1 National Championship (2003)
2 SEC Championships (2001, 2003)
2003 Paul "Bear" Bryant Award

Arkansas: Bobby Petrino
Overall 41–9
2004 C-USA
2006 Big East

Auburn: Tommy Tuberville
Overall 104-53
1 SEC Championship (2004)
2004 Paul "Bear" Bryant Award
2004 Walter Camp Coach of the Year

LSU: Les Miles
Overall 61–27
Bowls 3–2
*1 National Championship (2007)* very good possibility

Thats 8 National Championship material coaches. Maybe we need to change the BCS so that the SEC Champ plays #2 team in the nation.
There was a stat on ESPN yesterday on average saleries per conference adn the SEC was on top with 2.something. I wonder why everyone questions why the SEC pays their coaches so much, DUH!!! They have earned it and they're worth it!!
The list of coaches in the SEC reads like an all star list of coaching. Incredible. Even the lesser lights like Crooms and Brooks are forces to be reckoned with. Not to mention Tubs and Nutt. Not a week coach in the SEC and that's what makes every game a war. You can never take a week off in this conference. You better show up to play or you will get your rear end handed to you.
Saban, Spurrier, Tubby, Fat Phil, Miles, Urban, Richt, Petino, and Brooks have all been to a BSC Bowl game (actually Brooks' Oregon team went to the Rose Bowl before the BSC, but it's still impressive).

Tack on Croom's recent "Coach of the Year" caliber turn around, Nutt's couple of West titles and almost SEC championships, and Johnson's job at Vandy (Vandy could easily be just like Duke, if they played in any other league they would be going bowling almost every year) and you have the nation's most gifted coaching minds within a day's drive of one another.
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