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#1 Ohio State (11-1) - you played two teams that are ranked in the Top 25, and you couldn't even beat those teams... you're out.

#2 LSU (11-2) - Well, I guess the third time is the charm, and maybe if you're #1 after your next game it'll stick this time. Les Miles and company are two plays away from being undefeated. They're also three plays away from being 7-5... you're out.

#3 Oklahoma (11-2) - You lost early to a mediocre Colorado team, rebounded, and lost late when you controlled your own destiny... you're out.

#4 Georgia (10-2) - If you can't win the right to play in your conference championship game on the field, you don't deserve to be playing for a bigger prize by default... you're out.

#5 Virginia Tech (11-2) - Seems last week that the pollsters forgave that 48-7 drubbing at the hands of LSU when they voted you ahead of the Tigers. I didn't. Two loss teams that get beat by 41 don't play for the championship... you're out

#6 USC (10-2) - You lost to Stanford. That's really all I need to say, but even still, if you look above you, you would be playing for the championship if you had taken care of your business. Two loss teams that lose to Stanford don't play for the championship... you're out.

#7 Missouri (11-2) - You lost to Oklahoma once. You got a second chance, you still couldn't beat them... you're out.

#8 Kansas (11-1) - You have the same record as Ohio State and played just as weak a schedule. The Bucks aren't being punished, why are you? I'm punishing you because you didn't win your conference. Why you drop in the polls while idle and Ohio State moves up, you'll have to take that up with the pollsters. No conference championship, no national championship... you're out.

#9 Florida (9-3) - It looks like the voters are willing to give LSU three chances, but four chances evidently is too much to ask. There's still plenty of hardware that needs to be shined in Gainesville, and there might be more on the way. Just not the national championship game... you're out.

#10 Hawaii (12-0) You don't play in the same league as everyone else, so you don't get to play for the title. I'd be more inclined to take Appalachian State should they keep winning. Take some notes on Fresno State's past out of conference scheduling, or join the Pac 10 and make them have a championship game. But since you were never in... you're out.

#11 West Virginia (10-2) - We were watching last night.... you're out.

#12 Arizona State (10-2) - See Georgia. Two loss teams that don't win their conference don't play for national championships.

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Thanks for the article and link.

Sums it up pretty well.

Makes me wonder where Bama would have ended up in this mess, had they beaten LSU and somehow avoided the downward spiral through November. I know it probably would not have been #2 had they finished with the same record as LSU.

How this team keeps garnering votes and support is beyond me.
Ohio state, let's not forget a game against a mediocre div 1AA. And since Ohio State is in the championship game, there's just that much longer before we will ever get a wiff of a playoff.
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