| FTBL Saban's post-scrimmage press conference...

Every time I hear another of his pressers I think about the LSU friends of mine stating you won't like the way he handles the press corps.

But, it never fails.

Love it!
One thing to add here...

I've only seen one reporter in any type of media outlet point out the fact if you sit back, listen and watch there is a lot that can be found out during these press conferences. Some of it's the way he responds to guys, some of it is the look in his eyes during questions. As example, when it is a solid football question from a reporter he respects you can see by the furrowing of his brow that he is listening intently and making sure he understands what the individual is searching for, IE: answer.

Another one I noticed again this morning when I watched the presser again was how he reacts when he's asked a question that is a sensitive issue with the team. In this case, it was the questions regarding the QB's, JP as compared to GM and NF.

When he concern about a situation, in this case the two back-ups pushing JP for playing time and the gap between the starter and the back-ups you'll see him cross his arms then then put this hands underneath his armpits. I've seen him do it on more than one occasion. The first time I noticed it was last year when he was discussing injuries along the OL, then noticed it again when it came to some disciplinary issues.

In poker, if you wanted a tell, you'd have it with him.

Watch it again...
Good points Terry. I have noticed his body language and patterns he has with regards to the press conferences. I'm not a pro at reading that stuff but your right about certain subjects with him. When he's not comfortable or it seems he wants to kind of dance around a question or certain issue he'll fold his arms and rock side to side. His facial expressions immediately give away his impressions of the individual who is asking and he's quick to have an opinion on what the intent of the question is. For example,when a reporter is asking something vague to possibly squeeze an answer out of Saban that he doesn't intend on answering, he's quick to pick it up and point it out.
I love the way he stays in complete control of these (semi)professional media type.
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