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That is the best press conference I have ever seen! Thanks Port.

He made so damned good points in there and you can tell that he really cares about winning and making Alabama better. It think he still has some feelings for LSU, but I don't think they are going to last too long.
Easily one of Coach Saban's best press conferences. No matter the outcome of games this season, I'm damn glad he's our coach.
moreno_iv said:
It think he still has some feelings for LSU

I think he's just trying to put all the negativity (that came with his departure) behind him. I think its a smart move to acknowledge the past and let everyone know it's time to move on.
Re: Nick Saban post game presser

rammajamma said:
BigAl said:

He lights up some doofus reporter.

I think that was Mike Raita. Its starts at about 14:48 :lol:

He was on a roll after 14:48 till the end! Good stuff.

Man, he makes you feel good about the direction he wants to take this team!
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