| FTBL Saban: System of textbook distribution failed players


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"No one at the university wants me to say it," Saban told the crowd in a speech to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham, "but it's true."

Not quite the same as Spurrier's problems with USC's admittance procedures, but I don't doubt for a second, if Saban wants it changed, it will be changed.


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With computers and bar codes and ACT cards I don't see why a system couldn't be put in place to prevent this. Computer knows your schedule, all Scholarship students scan card at time of book purchase, computer cross checks book purchase with that semester's schedule of classes. It would prevent getting books for wrong class and getting duplicate books without prior approval (in case first book was lost). At the end of the semester, scan them back in. Perhaps I should send my resume to the Athletic Department. I have always wanted to work at Alabama and it seems like they might need me.
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