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planomateo said:
anyone know the stats on which side we ran against auburn? curious if it's different than other games, seemed that we were running right more, but could be me...

Coach Saban addressed that in his press conference.

We were running a lot to the left, we noticed it, and had in our game plan to run more to the right.

Auburn, knowing our tendency to run left, had their defense slanting that way in an effort to control our running game.

Coach Saban used the phrase "we did a lot of self-scouting" during our off week.
BamaGradinTN said:
Here's another one...Fla got 200 on the ground up the middle vs. FSU. They can just forget about those 200 yards right now.

I hope we get 200 yards up the middle,at least
planomateo said:
thanks Terry.

are those kind of stats published anywhere. wonder how this impacts Florida's planning now...

any chance this was really for Florida's sake versus Auburn's?

I seriously doubt it was for Auburn's sake...the Auburn game was the easiest to plan for all year long...and even if we ran to the left more, they still couldn't have stopped us.

As to how to track the number of times each way? I have to look...
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