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RTB.com Player(s) of the Week
by RollTideRandy

This week, the staff of Roll Tide Bama has called upon their Resident College Football Expert for an “Expert” pick for Player of the Week. There is no doubt in The Expert’s mind that the most valuable contributor in Bama’s latest victory was none other than The Expert himself. You cannot devalue The Expert’s commitment to wearing his lucky Bama shirt each and every Saturday. Regardless of spaghetti sauce or grape juice stains, every Saturday he pulls it out of his closet and wears it with pride. The Expert refuses to shave each and every Saturday, hasn’t cut his toe nails since the start of the season, and despite the fact that a new World Series champion has been crowned, refuses to update his RTB.com signature and AV for fear of the devastating effect such changes may have of the entire landscape of the College Football World. Yes fans, there is no limit to the suffering The Expert will put himself through to support his team, but alas, this award must be given to a PLAYER and The Expert is not allowed to award it to himself.

There were many outstanding performances by Bama players in the game against Arkansas State. The contribution of Mark Ingram is impossible to ignore. He turned two great weeks of practice into a 12 carry, 113 yard, and two touchdown performance.

One could point the offensive line who led the way for the Bama running backs as than ran wild for 228 yards and four touchdowns against the Red Wolves. However, when The Expert looks up at the scoreboard and sees a big goose egg has been posted by the opposition, he is inclined to give awards to players on the defensive side of the ball.

One player who stood out for the Bama defense was Rashad Johnson, a favorite of the Resident College Football Expert. He recorded 13 tackles in the game, including 2.5 tackles for loss, and scored the first touchdown of his fine Bama career returning a second quarter interception 32 yards for the score. When asked about the play after the game, Mr. Johnson credited the defensive line saying that without their pressure on the quarterback, that play would not have been possible and The Expert in inclined to agree with him.

For that reason, The Resident College Football Expert is naming...

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