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If you are like me, you enjoy talking with other fans in the SEC about their team, our upcoming games, and can't stand a lot of BS that you encounter with smack talkers, trolls and the like.

If you recall last season we had a visitor from Arkansas (ThrowItDeep) that joined our discussions here and was very informative and respectful when discussing the upcoming Arkansas versus Alabama game.

TID has built a new site, which we are glad to be a partner of, that allows SEC fans of all teams to converse with each other without dealing with the smack and the trolls and just talk football.

We encourage all of you guys to check the site out. The more fans we have there, will encourage more Alabama fans to come here as well.

As always, we appreciate your support, cooperation, and participation on this site.

Thanks Terry! You guys have been great and I appreciate it a bunch.

You know, HogSportsTalk.com was built using RTB as a model and now SECBlitz.com is being built with the same philosophy.

I was writing an article earlier on Arian Foster and I told my wife that this football season was going to be really special. It was going to be very fun to watch now because I have a different perspective of my SEC brothers and sisters.

I was coming back home from vacation down in Destin, FL to Arkansas this past Saturday and met many nice people in Alabama and Mississippi. I remember thinking to myself that we are very fortunate to be living in the south with all the good people we have as neighbors. Because God knows I would kill myself if I lived in New York City...and yes I have been there.

Anyway, thanks guys for helping me out yet once again.

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