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So far we know the following are coming for the first semester of summer school:

Terrence Cody-May 31st
Robby Green-May 31st
Damion Square-May 31st or June 1st
Undra Billingley-June 1st
John Michael Boswell-June 1st
Tyler Love-June 1st
Barrett Jones-June 1st
Chris Jordan-June 1st
Robert Lester-June 1st
Burton Scott-June 1st
Ivan Matchett-June 1st
Glenn Harbin-June 1st
Donta Hightower-June 2nd
Brad Smelley-June 4th or 5th
Michael Williams-June 5th
Mark Ingram-June 5th or 6th

Other guys who were mentioned as roommates are, but not confirmed on report date:

Julio Jones (Scott)
Star Jackson (Scott)
Jerrell Harris (Jordan)
Mark Barron (Matchett)

Last, but not least, the following guys have reportedly (by BOL) qualified and said that they were coming for the first term of the summer:

Devonta Bolton
Jermaine Preyear
Marcel Dareus
Courtney Upshaw
Alonzo Lawrence

We know that Brandon Lewis is going to Hargrave, so that leaves the following guys with many questions on what will happen with them:

Kerry Murphy
Destin Hood
Melvin Ray
Wesley Neighbors


I think the Ray/MLB draft thing will depend on if he qualifies or not. He's not going to be drafted high enough to make big money, but he might go that route anyway instead of going to JUCO or prep school. IMO, that is why his dad said what he said a couple of weeks ago, to try and get teams to believe that he wants to play MLB, not football. If teams thought otherwise, they would skip right over his name.

As for the others that might not qualify... Murphy and Bolton are the two I'm most worried about.


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RollTideRandy said:
firestorm said:
And What about Wesley Neighbors? He's really threatened to not to be qualified? Thanks


I think he's a possible Grey Shirt. If you count up those we already know are reporting, we're already at 25.
OK, Thanks Randy. I hadn't thought about that scenario.



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And by the way, now Kirk has just talked about Paul "Bear" Bryant Scholarship... What happened with Major Ogilvie's son? Yeah, I know he wasn't offered a scholarship in the end, but then, he's gonna be reported finally at the Capstone as a walk-on? Thanks.



bamabarney said:
If they are on the Paul Bryant scholly, and signed a football scholly, is it true they cannot play in a game for 2 years or something like that?

If a kid comes in on a Bryant scholarship, if he was a recruited walk-on, he will NOT count against the 85 scholarships UNTIL he plays in a game, then from that point forward, he will count against the 85. Wes Neighbors would fall into this category.

If the kid was NOT a recruited walk-on, he never counts against the 85 no matter when he plays as long as he doesn't take extra institution aid at some point.

That is the way I understand it.


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I am super excited about C. Jordan and M. Barron. I think those guys will lead us to the promise land. I guess it doesn't hurt that we had a great defensive class also. Mark my words, Mark Barron will be a top 10 draft pick in NFL draft one day.
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