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First off...Congrats to the team for another win :) This team just keeps grinding it out..week after week..finding a way to win. BUT...If we had been playing Florida yesterday.....it would have been ugly folks :cry: Flat out ugly...we would have certainly lost. While I love our team and am extremely proud of them....IMO we are overrated at this point..we are not playing like a #2 team in quarters 3 and 4. Not only that but with the loss of Cody...we have no pass rush at all. While I certainly hope the best for him and a speedy recovery...his reaction was obvious...he knew he was hurt bad when he was on the field. I hope Im wrong, but I done see him returning anytime soon...regardless of any press stating otherwise. The offensive line also played flat...I did not expect that. If this lack of intensity and focus for an entire game shows up again in Baton Rough...our first loss will be handed to us. BUT..we are undefeated and the team showed some positive character also...especially the 4th down stop. And I hate to harp on it again but this not playing a cpmplete game is not good....I have tried to understand it and am at a complete loss... :?
Well see that's what the game is played for, but if you would have told me we'd be 7-0 to start with. I would told you, your out of mind.

I agree the second half needs work, but I'm thrilled to be 7-0
I agree we are up and down and we need to level it out and stay on the up path. But as far as us losing florida i beat they wish they would have beat ole miss so ill leave it at that.
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