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Ok with a few weeks into the Football Season...

Who wins the West and who wins the East?

Rank ALL the SEC teams...and at the end of the season we will see who chould "work for espn"

1.FLORIDA- they look really good, only problem is LSU on 10/06....you cant not pick against them though...

2.Georgia- cause they will lose this weekend!!!!

3.South Carolina- the old ball coach got them to play football around there...

4. Kentucky- The Q.B. should be around the heisman race.

5. Tennessee- The COACH GETS FIRED THIS YEAR!!!! or not...but they still will suck this year...

6. Vanderbilt- i dunno, maybe they will do alot better this year...


1. LSU- They play Flordia on 10/06.....thats going to be a very very good game.....


3. Arkansas- They still have to play LSU!!!

4. Auburn- Florida, LSU, Georgia, Bama...that could be 4 loses!!!

5. Mississippi State- They have a pretty easy games left...but they are Miss State

6. Mississipi- im not even going to talk about them....

Flordia vs LSU for the SEC Championship!!!

Im calling it!!!
1. Florida
2. South Carolina
3. Georgia
4. Kentucky
5. Vanderbilt
6. Tennessee


1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Mississippi State
5. Mississippi
6. Auburn

Dream matchup SEC Championship: Bama vs. USC
While I mostly agree... as amazing as lsu is this year.. I think they are gonna get beat... at least once byt a team other than florida
Group one: Florida, LSU

Group two: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina

Group three: Barn, Viles

Group four: Ole Miss, Miss. State, Vanderbilt

Floroda and LSU in the championship game. LSU beats Florida twice, faces USC in the NC game and wins.

All of group two get bowl bids.

The Barn will not be bowl eligible.

Tennessee wil barely be bowl eligible.

i was thinking about how the season has changed. And really about the half way point of the season teams have either really impressed ppl or have just sucked!!!

some ppl ranked the teams before the SEC season began and we were kinda wrong!!!
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