| FTBL Ray Melick Crying

which is undoubtedly why Saban eagerly agreed to allow this form of media access where other forms of media are not allowed to go.

Perhaps also, it's because they

1) They asked respectfully, calling him Coach Saban instead of Nick.
2) Have kept any agenda they might have to themselves, instead of putting in their form of media
3) Didn't assume they were "entitled" to access.

Naaaaaah. That couldn't be it.

And now we know what it takes to "open" Saban's program: Show him where it benefits him, particularly in recruiting, which is the currency of most value in Saban's world.

4) There's also something called "anti-benefits". That would come from NOT writing articles, trying to stir things up that aren't there and, oh, I don't know, bothering to get the facts straight BEFORE writing an article that could be negative towards the program, and potentially devaluing Saban's "Currency of choice"
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