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First, watching the Georgia v. Georgia Tech game, the Bulldawg defense is just a comedy of errors. There is NO way Martinez, the Georgia DC, can survive this season. Do not be surprised if Richt makes a play for a certain Georgia alum coaching DBs in Tuscaloosa.

Second, we dodged a bullet two years ago when my friend Steve Spurrier reneged on his acceptance of our offer to replace Shula. The old fire is not with him. I know you might say that we could get better players than South Carolina, and we could, but the burning desire to dominate is not with Spurrier. He would not have matched our expectations, and the ultimate divorce would have been a crippling blow for our program for a long, long, long time.

Third, just who in the hell can Miss State hire? Some names to expect to surface will be Bobby Wallace (long past his useful prime), Hudspeth from North Alabama - an offensive mind but it is a huge step from D-II to the SEC, Larry Blakeney from Troy, and Jeff Bowers - ex-Southern Miss.

Fourth, Clemson it appears is about to make a huge mistake if they promote Dabo Sweeney based on his six-game audition and the apparent man-crush the Clemson AD has on Sweeney.

Fifth, a not-so-credible website is suggesting the reason Kelly from Cincinnati was not named the HC at Tennessee is not because Tennessee passed on him but because he passed on them in the chance Notre Dame has already lined Kelly up to replace Weis. (Would not upset me as it would pacify the Gator side of me in that ND was not able to land Urban Meyer.)

Sixth, I have a gut feeling this will be a disappointing bowl season for the SEC at large. The conference is truly down this year beyond the top two (and just how tough are they given what they have competed against?). Add in the fact that it appears both Alabama and Florida will get BCS Bowl invitations and the thin conference will see its teams therefore bumped up a slot from their appropriate games. What might save the conference is that many of our middling games are against the even weaker Big Televen (who should get two BCS teams too and therefore dilute their bowl roster too). I can easily outline a bowl schedule where EVERY SEC team would be an understandable underdog.

Seventh, when would be the best time to begin that challenge of listing the comedy of errors committed by Mal Moore that a certain moderator/administrator issued? TerryP should get his TP ready, because he will be crying at his futility trying to factually rebut the loooooooong list I can provide.

On to the game...
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