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Guys...I have some good news. I think Ramp Lady has stopped drinking. At every game this year I've noticed that she isn't act like this http://youtube.com/watch?v=I8Xgp5vtZAk , and most of the time doesn't have her face painted and all that jive. At the MSU game this weekend she was absolutely tame...almost as if she were on Ritalin.

Has anyone else noticed this change?
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TerryP said:
As surprised as I am to say this, I have to agree with TM on this one. Quite frankly, I tire of seeing them on TV as much as I do.

Word times 10.

Times 20.

I agree. Definitely not the best the state has to offer, but at least they carry themselves well and are classy in their attire. They could be like the girl from FSU with the nice fake ones, you know...the brunette thats always shown. Not that Im really complaining...being a guy and all. And they dont *really* show them that often, I can think Ive seen them once a game for the most part
Beauty queens they aren't but in the Bama attire they are cute,and they are twins so that makes them a little more hotter.
RollTideinNash said:
Ramp lady ROCKS!!!!!

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