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Of the coaches we don't want, who would you hate the least

  • Houston Nutt

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  • Jim Grobe

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Saturday, December 2, I watched 3 football games: Army-Navy, Wake Forest-Ga Tech, and WVU-Rutgers. I was trying to gauge which team I thought was the best coached team. I used the following criteria; 1) tackling 2) staying on blocks 3) doesn’t turn the ball over 4) doesn’t commit too many penalties 5) receivers run crisp routes. Based off what I saw, Jim Grobe’s team was better coached than Paul Johnson’s, Gary Shiano’s, and Rich Rodriguez’s. Now I know we are talking about Nutt and Bowden, but trust me here, Grobe’s team is very well coached and I think based off what I saw on the field, he is the best choice. He doesn’t seem like a popular choice, but based on my ability to evaluate coaching talent, he would get the nod over the over two, for me.


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rammerjammer said:
Bama Bo said:
If forced to hire one of those 3, I'd take Tommy Bowden.

I with ya.......sort of like choosing between AIDS, Ebola, or Terminal Cancer. No of em are anything to get excited over. :?

I'll take Ebola for $200 Alex it's over pretty quick and alot less suffering.
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