| FTBL Pre Game JumboTron

Yes and no.

They did show the usual video, only after 'The Strip' they showed a clip of Saban talking about building to being champions.

Just a few before kick off they showed a bad*** video that is hard to explain, but it starts with Pro's catch.
No more elephant during the pre-game stuff.

They did show the old video about tradition,tenacity,etc...

The did show the new one that started out with Prothro's catch. It was really cool, about 5 minutes before the team took the field they showed the old video, but then right as the team got ready to come out they showed the new video. It was really cool. The video seems to fit in with Sabans MO about building for the future. Video was all modern era. Alexander,Prothro, Demeco, etc.
They had the one that goes through the 12 national championships and it sounded like the "cleaned up" Bear's voice a little bit. It was easier to understand. I agree the new video was bada$$.
tidentrue12 said:
Supergenius said:
No more elephant noises

none at all during the game or just during pre-game video?

The audio tech team seemed to be having opening game jitters at the beginning of the game, which I believe is the reason for no elephant during the pregame. They did however, play it prior to kickoff after some of the scores.
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