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Talking to a Gator fan here at work, he said that the guy is a backup.. I dont keep up with them so I dont know if he plays or not. Either way, not the kind of publicity you want your program to get.
This guy isn't a backup:

Once again, Ron Wilson's Florida football career is in jeopardy following another run-in with the law.

On Oct. 16, a sworn complaint was filed against the offensive lineman, charging him with one count of assault and one count of battery. Both are misdemeanors.

According to the complaint filed by the Gainesville Police Department, Wilson allegedly struck two victims with a closed fist after getting into a verbal altercation over a female at a birthday party at the Lexington Crossing Phase 2 apartments in the early morning of Oct. 5, only hours after UF had returned home from a game at Arkansas.

According to the report, Wilson struck the first victim in the face with a closed fist, then hit another victim in the face as she attempted to step between Wilson and the first victim. The second victim sustained a broken wrist. Also, according to the report, Wilson attempted to strike a third victim who said he was in fear for his safety due to the size of Wilson.

Wilson was thrown off the team in 2007 for firing an assault rifle into the air during an altercation.

If the girl had been my daughter, I would have to take the dude's play in the cell because I would simply have to move him to the "basement of the hospital".

Idiots these days. Do they not think that pay back will come?
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