| FTBL Phil Steele - Big XII Conference records last 5 years

Other than TCU , all their hard games Will be at home but unfortunately all in a row ...

Their season will come down to a 4 game gauntlet starting in September with LSU at Texas , then Oklahoma state at Texas , then Oklahoma at Texas , and finishing at TCU . Are they deep enough to play 4 games against “ Good to top “ teams consecutively ?

I don’t think so .... But if they can just win their home games , I could see a conference championship .
Being "back" requires you look at the improvement in wins, not the overall record. Texas had losing seasons in 2014 and 2016. That impacts the overall record in the last five years.

I was taking a jab at Tejas... Losing seasons were in 2015 and 2016, hell in the last 9 seasons they've finished 3-7. Bad... They haven't been that bad since the two coaches between Akers and Brown.

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