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Whats up everybody. I've been to quite a few games over the years, but truth is, I've never driven myself. I've always rode with Friends or Family and not had to pay alot of attention parking and such. Well, I'll be at the game this Saturday (Western Kentucky) and I'll be bringing my wife and my daughter (My Girls first game, she's 10) and man I can't wait for her to finally see why her Daddy and his friends are so crazy every Saturday. I've totally hyped this up to her and I'll make it a trip she wont soon forget! This is her initiation. She's already a huge BAMA fan. I love it!
Anyway, I'm coming from Phenix City, so it's a long drive and unfortunately, I'll be driving home after the game. Can anyone tell me where would be a good place to park so that I can get out of there somewhat at a decent time????? Also, should I come in from the East off of 359, or just get off of 20/59 onto Mcfarland? Thanks for any help.
The soccor lot.

Personally i would not park there unless I were trying to leave early. Its on University a good walk from the stadium. 10 bucks I think. You could book it back to the lot after the game and get ahead maybe.
Last few trips I parked on 10th Ave between 15th street and the stadium. Lots of places along there and the walk is not bad. Near the RR tracks there is a building supply/tile business. I paid to stay there. They lock the fences and watch the vehicles. If you're going to the quad, you have to go farther since you'll be on the other side of stadium but when it's time to leave, it is an easy get away.

Exit I-359 and go left bottom of ramp. You'll be on 35th St, just keep going. It tuns into 10 Ave in the curve.

If you come in on University off McFarland, you pass some big grassy lots on the right when you come on campus. It's free there and shuttles come by to get you. The shuttles filled quickly and I always walked from there.

Those are my only experiences, some others may be able to help better.
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