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are packed!! :)

Y'all think about me and pull even harder for me if it gets close toward the end. I'll be dying. I have someone sending me texts, so at least I'll know what happens if I don't get to watch.

Win or lose you won't hear from me til late tomorrow afternoon. It's basically an all-night flight and I won't land til after 3. So, I won't get home til about 5. My youngest then plays in his championship tourney baseball game at 1, so after sleeping and baseball I'll be out of commission til afternoon.

Roll Tide! I'm excited but way too nervous. :)
Hey guys. I had a great time with the team last night. The only downside was no pictures or autographs. I didn't know the Delta coordinator, so I didn't really feel like jeopardizing my job by breaking those rules. The old coordinator was cool with us taking pics and getting autos, but that was the old days.

Anyway, I was able to get one for my youngest son's jersey by JPW only because he was sitting up front. He was so cool about it.

I enjoyed meeting the players and coaches. Saban didn't sit up front with me, so I didn't interact with him much. I have to be honest and tell you he wasn't the most approachable. He wasn't rude, and I certainly didn't expect him to stop everything for me. Mrs. Saban was very kind and gracious as everyone said she would be.

I'm sure Coach Saban was tired and mentally drained. You wouldn't have known we won by his expression. He was still "in his zone" so to speak and for all I know getting ready for next game. I did hear him call out several of the players' names as they walked by congratulating them for good games.

Many of the players were super polite and excited. Players like Barrett Jones and Greg McElroy stick out in my mind. It seemed like several of the youngers ones were as well. As we landed in Tuscaloosa I sent them on their way with a Roll Tide and several of these guys yelled in agreement.

The older veteran players seemed happy, but to be honest they acted as if their mission wasn't done. They were still focused and calm. While there were some coaches up front there were also some seniors. I don't know if this is their "reward" or if it rotates among seniors or what. I was highly impressed with all of them though. What nice young men with great social skills. They were John Parker, Nick Walker, Travis McCall, Antoine Caldwell, Marlon Davis and Rashad Johnson. They can fly with me anytime. :)

I flew all night and didn't get in til 5 a.m. I then had to be up early for my son's baseball tourney, so I'm not thinking 100% right now. I'll add more as I think of it tomorrow after a night's sleep.

Roll Tide on the great win though.
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