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...IMHO they don't have the talent to be ranked in the top 25. I know they beat UT and I was glad to see them do it, but they don't have a team at this point worthy of it IMHO. Their win last night was a combo of UT letting them, and the planets being aligned at the right moment.

Seeing them in is about as shocking to me as seeing Clemson out. Seems like both were knee-jerk, bandwagon reactions.

What say you?
nomercypercy said:
I know it's wishful thinking since he just signed a new deal with them. But wouldn't it be great if they ended up firing that fat bastard for not beating PAC-10 schools?

He will pull out close wins against UK and Vandy and get a contract extension. Actually though that is a good thing it means he will be around for us to kick.
porkchop said:
Seeing them in is about as shocking to me as seeing Clemson out. Seems like both were knee-jerk, bandwagon reactions.

What say you?

I didn't even notice Clemson was out. So let me see if I can follow this logic. Bama somehow jumps to #13 (this scares me)so their logic is, Clemson gets beat by the #13 team in the nation, so drop them from #9 to out of the polls?

In answer to your original question, UT coaching beat themselves. From what I saw (from only one game) If UCLA's entire schedule was against the SEC, they'd probably finish 4-8 at best.
The guys on Jox were making some whiny statements about the way the polls and voting are working. My thing is that if we weren't talking about Alabama, then there wouldn't be any whining. I digress.....

The preseason poll is totally useless, and probably shouldn't even exist. It is done for the sake of the fans, more than anything. In reality, we shouldn't have a poll until at least after the first week, and probably not until 4 weeks in. So, there are some wild girations that will take place in the first week, less so in week 2, even less so in week 3, and so forth. By the time you are in November, there is very little mobility up and down the AP due to all the teams competing against one another more regularly.

I think taking Clemson out altogether was a knee-jerk reaction, and I hate to agree here, but Bama probably didn't need to jump to #13. We played better than a couple of the teams still above us, but I'm sure we leap frogged someone who played just as well if not better than we did (hard to imagine).

It's good to see the Tide back in the top 15. I believe we are that good, at least. It'll be hard for us to make any more big moves until after the UGA game unless some of the teams in front of us lose. Just something for the complainers to complain about. Mainly aubies....
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