| FTBL next year?



i know its way too early to start thinking about next year, but what do ya'll think? how does the schedule play out, who are some younger players ya'll think will have an impact, any surpises in the depth chart anywhere? just kinda curious on how everyone thinks we stack up next year. i know we are doing really well in recruiting this year, do you think that has an impact next year? does the defense get better or does it stay the same for a while? with the departure of dj hall, matt caddell, and kieth brown, does mccoy step up and become the new go to man? assuming julio jones comes to bama, do you see him playing next year or redshirting? i really would like to see him redshirt next year. im really just kind of trying to keep my mind off of the last 3 weeks. i would rather start thinking about next year rather than harp on this year, it kind of makes me depressed. i really would like for this season to just end now. so what do ya'll think about next year? roll damn tide!!
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