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I just got finished with 2008 Media Guide.

If you haven't seen it, it is the slickest looking MG I have seen. It is obvious that Coach Saban is preparing every aspect of the program to enhance recruiting, including the Media Guide.

The cover looks almost like an EA NCAA football game cover. It is very well done and catches the eye. Although the information inside is essentially the same, it has a better flow and organization than the past.

I have been buying these and saving them for a while, and this is the nicest one yet. It may seem like a small detail, but these things end up in every head football coach's mailbox in the state. High school kids all over the state will look at these right along with the guides from other major programs. This one screams, "Alabama is a state of the art program on the rise."
I got Rashad Johnson.

It was the only one at the BAM I went to. I didn't even know there were three other covers.

Did you notice they had all four for $90? You could buy each one individually for $18.

18 times 4 is $72.

What kind of math are they using?
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