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OK RTB web gurus... I need a non YouTube Version of Mount Cody dunking... I have a hater here at the office who wants to see it first hand.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Is there footage of him dunking? I haven't heard on any. I believe Saban asked Cody not to do any dunking until after the season.
chevy0082 said:
I know its on Youtube but thats blocked here at the office..

IF it's on youtube, it's been added in the last few minutes.

I looked just to be sure before I replied.

The story of him dunking came out when a few of our players saw him dunking the ball in the REC center. I've never seen ANY video associated with it...
chevy0082 said:
I saw one labeled that from what looked to be a cell phone camera maybe... Very bad quality..Heck, it may not have even been him.. Dang internets :roll:

IF you can, send me the link...

There are video's labeled "Cody dunking" but it's definitely not our TC.

For the hell of it I checked over on Fandome as well and didn't find anything...
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