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"...Oklahoma was No. 1 with 51 first-place votes and 1,608 points, gaining a few points and top votes in its second week on top of the rankings this season.

No. 2 Alabama has 13 first-place votes and 1,537 points...."

Even after a well publicized "bad day at the office" against Kentucky, BAMA remains #2 in the most recent AP Poll (05 OCT). What is more surprising is that Bama received 20% of the 1st Place votes (13 of 64).

Yes its the AP poll and is not part of the BCS rankings formula, but it is a good barometer of the national press's impression of BAMA, and in this case how well the press thinks BAMA will rebound from this let-down.

Furthermore, all of this can't help but be a positive in the recruiting process. It says that we are not a blip on the screen of national contention (see USF last year), but we are the real thing and have staying power.

Congratulations guys.
FWIW, and deservedly so, we lost 7-8 first place votes b/c of the UK game.

But, in the Harris Poll, we didn't lose a single vote. We are just 10 points away from the #2 slot in that poll as well.
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