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I expect to see Young run more, they have to keep the front of Arkansas in check, heavy doses of BRob and Sanders will open up if they can get that defensive front at bay. It will open up the RPO. I expect at some time Arkansas will try the zero blitz, and that will be the perfect time for them to run Young. If Billingsley cant get better expect Holden to get more thrown to him. Latu will do his thing. I really think Billingsley needs to bare down and gain some confidence in order to give them the quick easy throw. Dink and dunks to Bolden, and we can establish this awful OLine problem. Switching out Owens with George from time to time or if Dalacourt cant play effective move Owens back to center. Some RB slants to Sanders and BRob. Use fooking Milroe at some point, not a Bolden Wildcat. Just my observations, I am not trying to overstep what the coaches have done just purely Armchair shit.

Defense, let Will be Will. the DBs needs a clear leader in the backfield, and Battle could be that guy, they need to get the play calls quicker or have some sort of confidence at where they need to be or close to. I do not rail on Golding much anymore cause I see improvement, but we still have the misalignment problems. Still not a great fan of Golding, but I will give him Props because they are slightly improving. But without the wrecking ball of Will, who knows. I say we beat Arkansas by double digits, whether its 10 or 20 who knows. We will be tested on their run game for sure.

Lastly, If your at the game be loud be proud show our guys we got their back and give a GIANT ROLL TIDE.
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