| FTBL My observations from Today


It had to be 110 degrees on the field easy.
JPW seemed to have more zip and accuracy on throws.
Tyler Love had an aircast on right ankle but was NOT in black
JJ appears to be able to live up to the hype. He made a couple of tough catches look easy. He just needs PT
Hanks looked crisp
RB's looked good.
Ingram has the biggest calves I have ever seen and looks real quick and is stout.
Upchurch looked good.
Stover looked fast as did McCoy
End arounds/Reverse's looked to be aplenty going to the WR's. All had there looks.
BJ Scott didnt really stand out to me but I think he just wasnt very big compared to JJ.
Star has some snap to his throws
This is where we really recruited some studs.
J Harris looks scary and fast and strong.
A Lawrence is huge for a CB and already has the look of a SEC CB. He looked very atheletic as well.
Barron was huge as well. Even bigger than Woodall. Looked atheletic as well.
R Green wasnt as small as everyone has said but will benefit from the weights.
Cody is pretty fat/big. He was draggin behind the others but can understand why.
The Oline had a difficult time moving him anywhere in some drills.
McClain is a leader and stout and laid some wood on Goode in a drill. BTW Goode looked Good :lol:
Smelley was working out at TE and McClain simply tossed him to the side on a drill.

This was about all I can come up with. Just wanted to pass on to those who couldnt make it. IT WAS HOT! 8)
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