| PRO ⚾ MLB makes a decision on the draft that was long overdue.


If you happened to have follow college baseball you likely caught this last season though it wasn't the first.

When Florida was playing in their regional against FAU, in the middle of the game mind you, the Reds announced their draft pick who happened to be a Florida player. It didn't happen once, it happened twice in the same game.

From a fans point of view I didn't like the timing. While I didn't have any rooting interest in Florida or Florida Atlantic winning the regional I felt it served as a distraction for the team; one that could easily be avoided. Imagine a college football team playing in the playoffs and at the same time the NFL announces they're drafting Chase Young in the first round. It appeared to me, and still does, that it makes it that much more difficult for a kid to maintain his focus in a game while his career was literally playing out in front of the world. I thought is was a situation that not only wasn't ideal, but it was a disservice to the kid and the game itself.

While I was thinking about what was happening and its effect on the field, I didn't think of how much they might miss; players and their families enjoying what could end up being one of the biggest days of their lives.

It's not going to change my opinion on Major League Baseball. I'm still not a fan. But I have to hand it to them today since they've made a decision to move the draft dates before the series begins (I'd have preferred after, but a little is better than none.)

Here's more from CBS on decision from the Major League.

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