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As some of you know, I have lived in Northwest Arkansas since 1993. I took a job with a company in Atlanta right after college and after a year they transferred me to their corp office in NWA. I thought, “I’ll do this for a year then move back to Hotlanta or B’ham,” but then I met a big busted babe with a heart of gold from Tulsa that was teaching in NWA. Fourteen years and three sons later, I’m still in NWA.

I saw Danny Ford’s Hog teams and privately thanked God that we never hired him. I saw Houston Nutt swoop in and ride the cream of Ford’s recruits to early success. Brandon Burlsworth and Joe Dean Davenport immediately come to mind. Those were MEN.

Houston Nutt was an enigma wrapped in a riddle to me. He rode Ford’s recruits to early success but it was obvious that when they were gone he didn’t really have an idea of what to do. He is a pure rah-rah guy. Very little substance, but LOTS of game day emotion. As one of my Hog friends describes it: “Like an epileptic on a crack binge.”

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Geez, I guess there isn't a person alive in Arkansas that doesn't assume they know exactly what went down and exactly what was going on with the complete ridiculousness that was Arkansas football.

All the fans seem to have neatly compartmentalized what they believe to be the "real story" on the shattered marriage of Nutt/Malzahn/Mustain.

I hear them say things like:

1. Malzahn was not given complete and total control of the team.

2. Nutt was a big meanie to Mustain.

3. Promises were made, promises were broken, it was Nutt's fault, etc...

4. Nutt was jealous, jealous, jealous of the supreme mastermind Malzahn and purposely hampered his ability to shine to his full potential.

Spare me. None of you know anymore than any old Joe on the street that doesn't even follow college football.

Most of you have simply created fantastical scenarios that seem to make perfect sense but, in reality, you have no idea if what you say is true or not.

I mean, it would seem like what you present could be true because it would make sense, but it is pure conjecture of a fanbase gone rabid.

More than likely, it was just a coach doing what any normal and smart coach would do by consistently and relentlessly using a running attack with what was quite possibly the best running back tandem to ever grace a college football field.

Because all of the soap opera type high school drama developed among the fanbase and the player's mothers and the AD and the coach doesn't mean jack. That doesn't prove anything.

All that means is that a bunch of no-nothing fans and parents decided they knew the real score and thought that Arkansas should more closely resemble Springdale High in their football philosophy.

When that didn't happen, when the dream team from Springdale didn't automatically transform Arkansas into a high school style spread attack team that devastates other high school teams, the no-nothings started cooking up conspiracy theories and convincing themselves they knew the real truth.

Basically all that was accomplished was that a coach allowed outside influences to corrupt his team. That was his fault. A few whining players left the team, along with a pretty decent coach, and now Arkansas is finally going to get their dream fulfilled of being more Tony Franklinesque like in their play.

Congratulations Arkansas fans, you did really good.

Thank goodness Alabama fans don't have a mentality that could completely rip a football program asunder like the Hog fans did to Arkansas. I mean, they made one of the greatest AD's the sport has ever been graced with retire. WOW

No matter how bad of a shape our team has been in, how horrible of coach we have had, how frustrated we were with play calls or game results, we all stuck together and supported the team.

That is what being a true fan is all about. You support your team and whoever happens to be the coach and you do it to the bitter end if it happens to turn out that way.

You don't run around putting out Freedom of Information Act requests out for your coaches cell phone conversations.

Can anyone imagine our Crimson Tide fanbase taking sides against each other and fighting each other like out of control little kindergartners because the Foley 2 or the St. Paul's 3 didn't get the playing time we think they should.

Jerrell Harris isn't playing as much as Don'ta Hightower, let's all go completely beserk and basically force the AD to resign and run the coach off.

Yeah, that would be the thing to do. Ivan Matchett hasn't seen the field yet, let's start trying to find out what Coach Saban is talking about on his cellphone.

Is Coach Saban jealous of McElwain and not allowing him to play the players that he really wants to play? Who would McElwain play if he were allowed more control? We, as a fanbase, need to get to the bottom of this.

Is it all an X-Files type conspiracy against McElwain to hold him back?
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