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Joe Alleva, from Duke.


Now, what I want to know is, before captaining the Lehigh University football team, was he ever at Alabaama? Some guy called in a New Orleans talk show, said he went to high school with Alleva, gave him huge props, and said he originally went to Alabama as a quarterback but got hurt (knee, I think). This was in the mid-1970's or so.
I know he played football (Capt. in '74) and basketball at LeHigh, graduated in '75. He's from NY originally. If he was recruited and signed at Bama, he didn't letter. I have my doubts if it's true...just doesn't make sense to me. A recruit out of NY make me wonder, the teams from '70-'75 do as well considering he ended up playing at LeHigh.

FWIW, he's not listed on the roster for the '71 team and isn't on the roster for '72 as well.
A detailed Google search for news articles from 1969 to 1975 shows he played in a high school game in 1970, winning 48-0 (NY Times, 9/20/70). The next reference is to him is two years later as a Sophomore third string QB for Lehigh in a 44-13 rout of Hofstra (NY Times, 9/10/71). Since freshmen weren't playing varsity at that time, it'd be highly unlikely he ever attended, or played football, at Bama.


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