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A Look At UGA From A Different Perspective

by TerryP

As usual, bookending a few holes of golf, I spent a little time yesterday looking at what we just might face this weekend versus Georgia. It's such a hard game to look at and objectively come out with an opinion on how we'll end up when the clock reads 0:00.

When I think back to Saturday, and then add Georgia to that mix, the first thing that comes to mind is the game from '94 where Bama came back in the last of the 4th quarter to steal that win. At the helm of that team was one great college coach by the name of Stallings.

Lest we forget, a 10-0 Bama in '91 under the same head coach.

As much as dislike how his tenure ended, I also think about how the game in '03 with Franchione ended: the last few minutes of the game Bama finding herself on the losing end of a great matchup. (I do wonder, if it were possible, what would have transpired had we been eligible to play in Atlanta that year.) Again, under the leadership of a quality staff on the sidelines it was a game was very much within reach.

Due to the changes from the SEC office, we'll see Georgia on our home schedule more often now than we did in the '90's. This weekend marks the second time they've visited Bryant-Denny Stadium, again, with a solid coaching staff on our sidelines.

When looking at this game, there is really only one set of empirical evidences we can look at to judge the abilities of one team versus the other. Both teams have faced a common opponent this year, Western Carolina.

We all know, on paper, looking at one team versus the other seldom gives the true picture of a game; especially when we are dealing with two teams like Georgia and Alabama. If we were to make a judgment on who wins, based on the "on paper" numbers, it would appear Bama wins.

One would have to give a very slight advantage to Alabama on defense when looking at these figures. For one, Western Carolina scored its first touchdown ever against an SEC opponent when the faced Georgia.

When we look at the success WCU had against both teams we see Alabama allowed WCU into their territory 3 times, once only to the 49 yard line where WCU fumbled.

Total results? Two field goals.


Georgia allowed them in their territory 4 times, resulting in a TD and a FG.

Georgia did win the contest when it came to the yards allowed: 210 vs Alabama allowing 247.

So, when it comes to the defensive efforts, it really appears to be a wash.

Then, when you look at the offensive statistics, some things are really telling.

First downs:

Alabama 35
Georgia 21

Total Offensive Yards:

Alabama 575
Georgia 362


Alabama 262
Georgia 222


Alabama 313
Georgia 140

Talk about a tale of two cities!

But, this game comes down to the intangibles.

For one, we have to consider the success Mark Richt has enjoyed when it comes to winning on the road. Let's just say this, our friends on the plains would not have to take off their shoes to count how many losses he's had on the road.

Out of his 6 years at Georgia, his teams have finished in the top 10, 4 times.

Consistent, highly ranked recruiting classes.

They are a formidable opponent.


We still don't know the status of DJ Hall, Darren Mustin and Keith Saunders.

With the inconsistencies on our offense, specifically the passing game, we need DJ to be at full speed. At the very least to be able to contribute...if only as a decoy like he served during the 4th quarter against Arkansas.

With the depth of our defense, to say the least, being suspect, we can ill afford losing either of these two players. While, as I'm writing this, Mustin's injury appears to only be a shoulder stinger, I've yet to hear about Saunders.

It's a hard, hard game to call. It's going to be another game like Arkansas, I fear. One where we'll find ourselves in the 4th quarter with the game in the grasp of either team.

The one reassuring thing I have to hang onto looking at this game is this; a solid coaching staff on the sidelines.
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