| FTBL LOL, Notre Dame about to lose to Syracuse?

Porter said:
TerryP said:
This makes watching Ol' Lou tonight worth staying up late.

I'd love to be the person waking him up right now and telling him the score.

Better be wearing one of these:

Lou is melting down at this very second. Saying he supports Weis, but saying it in a way that it sounds like he doesn't "really" support Weis. Notre Dame should compete every year and there's no excuse for not being competitive. :lol:
Did anyone see Weiss after the game on ESPNNEWS? He was laughing and joking with the reporters, dodging questions and making it look like he was just totally out of touch. I would be pretty dang mad if he was my coach and was acting like that after losing to a 2-8 team on Senior Day.
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