| FTBL KSt AD said this at a booster's meeting.


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This is sort of funny Kansas States athletic director was at a booster's club meeting last night and this is what he said about having to play Alabama in a Sugar Bowl...
"We win a Big 12 championship and our reward is… playing a pissed off Nick Saban and Alabama,” Taylor said at the meeting!


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Would probably be the case in the past but this year not in CFP and a lot of NIL entries and possible players sitting out not sure how it will go. It will likley not be the same team that played in the regular season. Now that could be a good thing in some cases.


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I hope he keeps bragging about it. I like when our guys are looked down on and other teams/coaches think they already have the game won.

Plus with our attrition, we'll need the help.
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