| FTBL kenneth Darby---Which Grade?

What grade would you give Darby for his game against Ole Miss?

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KD is back!!. In my opinion, his game was awesome (exceptional i would say), he hit the hole and run with patience and confidence like last seasons. Definitively, he is back!!.
Gave him a B .
I don't think he is back all the way but he looked better in this game.
Maybe he is saving his best for the latter part of the season. :D
Darby looks to have regained some of his fire or confidence or whatever it is that he's been lacking. Now if we could just get these buffet behoemoths to move the LOS a little bit we'll be alright.

We're still not moving the LOS especially in short yardage and that's a killer. Execution is also spotty. Prime example; when Darby took that stretch play to the right and looked to have an easy conversion Willis was left unblocked and blew up the play. Willis is the last person on that Ole Miss defense you want to leave unblocked.

On another play there in the third I saw what looked like a conversation between JPW and (I believe) Chris Capps. Not that strange in itself except for the fact that the play was a handoff to Capp's hole and Capps was in the backfield standing by JPW when Darby went down after a yard gain. ;scr

Overall I was glad to see Darby perform like we all know he is capable of. Now if we can just improve the blocking a little it will do nothing but open up the offense even more.
I gave Darby a "B" because he played well, but on a couple of plays he seemed to be too dedicated to following the pulling guard and if he had just went ahead and ran down field, he would have had another 3-5 yards, but when he tried to stay behind the guard, he ended up getting caught from behind and the play only gained minimal yardage.
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