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Kirk Van de Graaff

Gravity Checker
59 or so days left till the Saban era officially begins. It seems like yesterday when the Fran/Price/Shula era took hold of this program and brought out all the what ifs. Now there is Saban, one thing is for sure, the silence from the athletic department is a welcome event. Who would of thought Bama fans could handle this type of event? Not the News media, Sports writers or the other rival opponents standing in line to derail the hype.

Ha, to all of them!! Keep trying to push this sleeping giant back to the stone age. Things are a changing, and anybody outside of the Bama Nation that doesn't believe it, soon will.

Never, and I mean never have I seen such aggressive recruiting at this University. That alone shows why there is so much negativity among our rivals. When speculation from contacting recruits illegally from the Miami area becomes news, you know there is worry out there.

Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying Coach Saban is the next best thing to slice bread for this program. I am saying he is the next best thing to the latest craze... Trans- Fat. He is trimming the fat, bringing out a new grade of Athlete. You know, the one that goes all four quarters? Been a while in these parts. He has stopped the level of chatter coming from inside the program also. Don't believe me? Try to get credible info from the inside. I dare you!

Say what you want, but be worried rivals. They say no person is bigger than the program, and they are right. Coach Saban isn't and never will be bigger than the University of Alabama, but he sure is what the doctor ordered for a program that was on the verge of being mediocre.

Stay tuned, 59 days and counting.......
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